All tacos served with cilantro, onions and lime. Servidos con cebolla y cilantro.

Taco Choices
Required • Choose at least 1
BBQ (Steam Beef)
BBQ Adobada (Jalisco Style BBQ)
Al Pastor (Marinated Pork)
Chicharron (Pork Skin)
Lengua (Beef Tongue)
Prierna (Steamed Pork Leg Meat)
Picadillo (Seasoned Ground Beef)
Guisada (Stewed Beef)
Aguacate (Avocado)
Fajita de Res (Beef Fajita)
Fajita de Pollo (Chicken Fajita)
Bistec (Steak)
Pollo Desebrado (Shredded Chicken)
Additional Toppings
Extra Cilantro
Extra Onions
Extra Lime